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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Scarborough Mandala # 30.....

....and I'm not bluffing !
A Scarborough Mandala is now on my drawing board and wow !...a lot of ground to cover.
The Bluffs will stand out of course, along with so many other historical and present day landmarks
which make this area so distinct.
Keep in touch as I will post more as the mandala formulates on watercolor paper with pencil, watercolours, acrylics, gouache and pen and ink.

Please scroll down a few posts for a complete list of my mandalas completed thus far.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

King Street Mandala ( # 29 ) is complete !!!!!

I completed the King Street mandala yesterday and it is ready for presentation.
There is so much to choose from along the way, but I am satisfied that I have
made a good selection.
With the The Wheat Sheaf surrounded by sheafs of wheat at the centre, this mandala
highlights architecture, history and popular venues from Parliament Street to Roncesvalles and Queen Street West.
It is a royal street, with numerous streets and buildings named after British monarchs and
leaders during and after the settlement of Toronto.
It addresses Stanley Park,  Liberty Village  ( Liberty Street celebrating the closing of the Women's Prison where Lamport Stadium now stands just east of Dufferin on the south side ) ,  the 2011 excavation discovery on Bathurst below the bridge opposite Fort York and cafes, restaurants and music !!!!  And much more !
It is truly a salute to those involved in the creation of The Town of York, eventually
called Toronto.
How many soldiers must have dropped by The Wheat Sheaf  ( the oldest pub in Toronto...1849 )
for a pint after a long day of surveying, or marching or digging roads, or standing guard at
Fort York just down the way on Bathurst !

All this and more has been captured in my mandala time capsule, with portals leading to aboriginal
settlements before the first pioneers arrived from Europe.

Long live King Street and  long may we dream that this street is paved with gold because
we are proud of all the ancestors who walked on it before us and left their mark.