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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Completed !!!!!! Cedarvale/Eglinton/Scarlett Road/St. Clair/Humewood

After weeks and weeks of minute and painstaking research and detail, I have finally signed this mandala as complete.
 Mandala # 38  includes a bird's eye view of Cedarvale down to Humewood and St. Clair / along St. Clair to Scarlett Road/ up to Eglinton and back to Cedarvale.

It also incorporates Oakwood Village, Dufferin Street, Corso Italia, Earlscourt, Keele St., Weston Road, Rogers Road, Jane Street, and others which I will mention later.
This mandala is a compact look at how this area of Toronto has become an example of such continuous diverse change over the last 200 years beginning with First Nations of the New Mississauga Credit.  I hope I have presented to the the viewers an exciting and whimsical tapestry of this side of Toronto's story.
I discovered many interesting Toronto gems along the way, including info about John Scarlett's toll gates, his house called Runnymede, and the former City of York's time capsule to be opened in 2193, which will be Toronto's Quadricentennial.  Can you possibly imagine what Toronto will be like in 2193 ????
 York Memorial Collegiate, Vaughan Road Academy, the palm tree art sculpture at Oakwood and Eglinton, St. Hilda's Church at Dufferin and Eg, Oakwood Collegiate, Wychwood Library, the St. Clair, Mt. Dennis, Oakwood and Nortown movies theatres, and Humewood Public School are a few more of the buildings noted on this mandala.
This mandala depicts all the above...and more !  Tobogganing down the hills in Cedarvale Park, a giant frog,representing the park on Jane Street south of Eglinton, with his golden webbed digits stretched out with a magic touch to the central crystal ball !
And the squirrels and birds and ducks and dogs and cats and ladybugs...oh my !!!!
Many heritage buildings, such as Heyden House ( complete with former cupula ) , building # 9 of the Kodak compound and the little church on Scarlett Road which housed some who sought refuge during Hurricane Hazel in 1954.  I remember it well, as my father had to make sure the very heavy, back, storm door was secured on our little Victorian Style house on a little street in Brockton, so he could protect my mom and us 6 kids from imminent danger.  Oh, the sounds we heard...even our dog " Lady " hid under a bed.
I also remember my dad covering the coal chute to the cellar under the front window ( where many-a-time my job was to count the bags of coal [24] which the delivery man emptied down the chute and quickly report it to my mom or dad for 2 cents reward ) so the basement wouldn't get flooded.  Luckily we survived Hurricane Hazel.  : )))

This mandala is called " Crosstown Toronto " in reference to the future LRT.

If you scroll down a few posts you will find a link to an article about my mandalas published in the Globe and Mail and written by Dave LeBlanc, the Architourist .

New Toronto/Long Branch/Alderwood Mandala !!!

This mandala was completed on May 22, 2014.
It includes many local businesses, heritage buildings, and historical notes about the area.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Day on the Long Branch Car...Winding Through New Toronto

.....from the Humber loop to the Long Branch loop.   Actually, it was a bus, due to guess what ?  Construction, of course !
So, riding up and down the 2 areas I discovered some interesting little shops, with creative names.  For example :
The Big Guys Little Coffee Shop, which features excellent coffee, a local artist's art show, board games and WiFi.
Sweet Olenka's , a wonderful chocolate shop with tons of Easter eggs, special occasion chocolates and many frozen delights with a seating area in the back where you can relax and enjoy your treat.
The Silver Lion Framing Shop offers
all kinds of beautiful frames for your treasured pieces.
I walked down to the lake only to find a beautiful view of Toronto's downtown landscape.  What a soothing, peaceful neighbourhood of Toronto....once settled by farmers.
The New Toronto section is called "Lakeview Village " by the locals, with sailboats on the lamp posts and a sailboat with a sunset on the street signs.
And what is a harbour without a lighthouse ?
Please follow along as I will have a lot more to add later in the week.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Toronto/Long Branch/Alderwood Mandala Now On Its Way !

I am very pleased to say that I have begun work on my New Toronto/Long Branch/Alderwood Mandala and am working full speed ahead.  Several requests from some proud neighbourhood residents have inspired me to go forth and fulfill their wishes.  Please stand by for further information as work progresses.

For info please contact :

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Davenport Road ~ First Nations Trail Mandala Competed !

I am happy to announce that I have now completed this mandala with the toll keeper's cottage at the centre.  There were 4 toll keeper cottages from the Humber to the Don Rivers.  It was a privately owned road in the 1800's and travellers had to pay a toll to go along this trail.
I have also included bits of Seaton, Oakwood
, Bracondale, Earlscourt, and Carlton Villages.
This mandala celebrates  the many layers of peoples ( and a dinosaur ) who have walked this passage on the shore if Lake Iroquois.
You will be able to imagine that you are walking back and forth through the centuries on this mandala.

For further information :

Also, check out my previous post here for a Globe and Mail article by Dave LeBlanc , Architourist.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Davenport Road First Nations Trail

I am 2/3 finished creating the Davenport Road First Nations Trail Mandala.  At the centre is The Toll Keeper's Cottage which is located at Davenport and Bathurst.  The mandala also includes some notations from Seaton Village, CarltonVillage, Earlscourt and Oakwood Villages.
Follow the moccasins around the mandala, stop at notable buildings which have been demolished, and imagine the day when this pathway was the shore of Lake Iroquois.
A lot to imagine, as you follow the footsteps of creatures of nature, First Nations Peoples and early pioneers.
From snowshoes to sleighs to horse-pulled wagons and transit  to cars and streetcars....and all within the last 250  years.  How young we are , my dear Toronto....a sweet , celebratory cake with so many layers.
I invite you to come and have a slice.
You will be magically engrossed in the history of Toronto....your home town.

Please read the post before this one for a list of all my completed mandalas
Here is a link to a Globe and Mail article about my work, by Dave Leblanc...Architorist :