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Monday, July 9, 2012

Fort York/War of 1812 In My Mandalas

Fort York and The War of 1812 has been illustrated in 3 of my mandalas :

King Street West

Downtown Toronto

Olde, Olde Toronto New

On September 1, 2012 I will release my Fort York Mandala .

The Baby Point/Kingsway/Humber Valley Mandala Is Taking Form !!!

This mandala is jam-packed with rich details of its aboriginal past.
I am trying my best to carefully examine the strata as far back as has been recorded.
I am being careful not to omit significant information in that area which has changed the course of history for Toronto.
What was happening there during the War of 1812 ?
That relationship will be illustrated via my mandala.
Little did I know as a child , when I was a Girl Guide, that as I walked along the Humber riverside looking at nature, I was walking over thousands and thousands of years of footsteps.
What a deep, magic carpet lays below us in Toronto !

For further info :

Dave LeBlanc , The Globe and Mail's Architourist, wrote about my mandalas in this article :