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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

" Olde. Olde, Toronto New " ..... Mandala # 27 completed ! (again)

It' s been too long since I last posted.  I completed " Olde, Olde Toronto New "...Palimpsest  , officially,  on January 27, 2011.  I kept going back as I added as many details from our history as I thought to be most important.
It tells the story of Toronto, in a small circle, from the Ice Age up until now.  There are
bits and pieces included which trace all those years.  The area noted in particular is that of The Town of York.

Treasures tucked in places everywhere, as I sought  information about Toronto' s beginnings.  Remember I was looking for treasures way back in my blog ?

We are so young.  The  married couple standing on the old Esplanade wharf represent new life as they look out toward Lake Ontario and dream of their future in this town. A young man c1919 also looks out at the lake and watches the ships come in from far away places.  He remembers all the picnics that his family had on the Toronto Islands as the ferry boat puts him under its spell.
The very first taxi drives by and the entrepreneur driving it conveys his hope and energy as he goes forward.  His dream has come true !  Once a slave in the United States,  he escaped jail and travelled to Toronto on the Underground Railroad.  Thornton Blackburn was able to live his dream in 1837 and own his own yellow and red 4-seater horse-drawn " City Taxi " . What an inspiration for us all !
This is only one story on my mandala.