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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scarborough ( once called Glasgow ) Mandala is moving along....slowly, but surely.

Having spent a day at the Bluffs,  it was really a wonderful experience on a lazy, crazy, hazy day in August.
I soaked in the whole scene, from Bluffers Park, beach and from atop....all around.

What an amazing stretch of shore we have here in Toronto......a must for everyone to visit !
The colors, the textures, the wildlife, the happiness of the beach buffs, the joy of watching people set up for their picnics, the postcard scenes, the went on and on and was dream-like.
The beach is clean and so is the water, with several lifeguards posted on land and in boats along the swimming area carefully standing on guard with their gear and their knowledge ready for rescue at any moment.  Kudos to them all.
The picturesque views from atop are grandiose, and the waters reflect the sailboats and birds flying overhead.
No wind turbines will be built off of this shore.  Can you imagine the fate of so many birds who might fly into them accidentally ???

And further north east, is Scarborough' s Rouge Valley which is a sanctuary to wildlife who roam freely in this untouched area.
Important buildings and homes of early settlers in the 1800' s can be found in Highland ( The Highlands of Toronto ) Creek and Guildwood Village.

This mandala will feature many of these natural and historical sites, as well as The Metro Zoo, Scarborough Civic Centre, Variety Village, Sports' Centres, sports and soooooooooooooooooo  much more !
Scarborough is an overflowing cornucopia of all that great and is right at our fingertips to enjoy and be proud of.  If you haven't been, I strongly suggest that you go to visit many of these sites and you will not be will be in awe.

I have set my goal to complete this mandala by October 8 or sooner.