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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Elsie the Cow in the CNE mandala !

I was searching high and low for Elsie...we couldn' t wait to see her and her offspring when we had our day at the Ex !  We didn' t care how long we had to spend in line in order to see her boudoir ( sponsored by
Borden' s Milk Company ).  How delightful they made it for little children back then, something like a dreamy Christmas window downtown.  Most of us had never been to a farm, and so this presentation was a most welcome sight, especially the crib and all !  And so I found a spot for Elsie' s Boudoir in my mandala last night wearing her big daisy-chain necklace.  I wonder if that is why I love daisies so much and have put one or more in most of the last 30 mandalas...hmmmmm.

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