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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Davenport Road First Nations Trail

I am 2/3 finished creating the Davenport Road First Nations Trail Mandala.  At the centre is The Toll Keeper's Cottage which is located at Davenport and Bathurst.  The mandala also includes some notations from Seaton Village, CarltonVillage, Earlscourt and Oakwood Villages.
Follow the moccasins around the mandala, stop at notable buildings which have been demolished, and imagine the day when this pathway was the shore of Lake Iroquois.
A lot to imagine, as you follow the footsteps of creatures of nature, First Nations Peoples and early pioneers.
From snowshoes to sleighs to horse-pulled wagons and transit  to cars and streetcars....and all within the last 250  years.  How young we are , my dear Toronto....a sweet , celebratory cake with so many layers.
I invite you to come and have a slice.
You will be magically engrossed in the history of Toronto....your home town.

Please read the post before this one for a list of all my completed mandalas
Here is a link to a Globe and Mail article about my work, by Dave Leblanc...Architorist :