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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Day on the Long Branch Car...Winding Through New Toronto

.....from the Humber loop to the Long Branch loop.   Actually, it was a bus, due to guess what ?  Construction, of course !
So, riding up and down the 2 areas I discovered some interesting little shops, with creative names.  For example :
The Big Guys Little Coffee Shop, which features excellent coffee, a local artist's art show, board games and WiFi.
Sweet Olenka's , a wonderful chocolate shop with tons of Easter eggs, special occasion chocolates and many frozen delights with a seating area in the back where you can relax and enjoy your treat.
The Silver Lion Framing Shop offers
all kinds of beautiful frames for your treasured pieces.
I walked down to the lake only to find a beautiful view of Toronto's downtown landscape.  What a soothing, peaceful neighbourhood of Toronto....once settled by farmers.
The New Toronto section is called "Lakeview Village " by the locals, with sailboats on the lamp posts and a sailboat with a sunset on the street signs.
And what is a harbour without a lighthouse ?
Please follow along as I will have a lot more to add later in the week.

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