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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spadina Avenue/Road Mandala....UPdated November 20, 2015. now completed !
I am so happy to announce that I put the final details on this mandala on
August 30, 2015.
As mentioned in my last post, this mandala starts at Lake Ontario and continues straight up Spadina
, around Spadina Crescent and U of T Art Department Building ( formerly Knox College ) to Forest Hill.
On the way it passes:
Queen's Quay West ( The National Ballet, Yo Yo Ma's Music Garden, Le Centre de Francophone de Toronto ) ; Fort York Blvd.  ( Canoe Landing, The Globe and Mail ) ; King Street ( The Richardson House, TheFashion District with its giant thimble at Adelaide, and sculpture of manufacturing on the streetcar islands ) ; Queen Street ( The Mary Pickford Theatre, The Cameron House with its giant ant sculptures walking all over it, The Hero Sandwich Residence, The Horseshoe Tavern, The extinct Bamboo Club [ Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! ] and the coal depot kitty corner ) ;  Dundas Street ( The Victory Burlesque Theatre, St. Elizabeth Church...originally an Anglican Church since the mid 1800's [ now Dragon City ] ; College, College, Bloor, Dupont, Davenport, St. Clair, and Eglinton.

******MUCH, much more, soon to be added, is on my mandala.

Many notable landmarks from the past and present are illustrated as your eyes follow Spadina up to Forest Hill. I will add a list of these spots soon.

Baseballs abound all over the mandala, having been home-runs hit by our mighty Blue Jays of 2015, out of Rogers Centre, also known by its previous and beloved Sky Dome name.  Encarnacion, Donaldson, Bautista, Smoak and Goins  are to name a few of the many home runners which have taken place this year.  And I must mention the hat trick by Encarnacion on August 30, 2015 !!!!!
What joy it brought to the city of TO !!!!

U of T is also noted very well with many buildings and symbols od that great Toronto institution.

As you look west from Dundas you will head to Kensington Market with numerous icons of places within.


The Denison estate mansion named Bellevue is there.  Bellevue Avenue is all that is left of it.

( I will add more to this blog describing this mandala very soon. )

Article in the Globe and Mail Newspaper by Dave LeBlanc, the Architourist featuring my work,
entitled " Signposts of a New Toronto Cool ":

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