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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

NEW ! " Forever Yonge "...from Lake Ontario to Bloor Street

Today I just completed my new mandala entitled " Forever Yonge ", which goes from Lake Ontario to Bloor Street.
It includes buildings from the past and present , such as, the original T. Eaton Company, the proposed Eaton's College Street tower, the Robert Simpson Store and the Imperial Bank of Canada.
Also, I have illustrated various nightclubs, now gone :  The Colonial Tavern, The Friar's Club, The Brown Derby, the Sapphire Tavern and The Golden Nugget.
There are swizzle sticks which I saved from some of these places drawn on the mandala.
Local entertainers such as Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins ( whom I also saw perform in Eaton's where I worked on the 5th floor donut counter during a March break show...he was so handsome ! ), Robbie Lane, and Jackie Shane, whom I saw perform at The Sapphire Tavern. I have also drawn Molly Johnson and have a piano around the circumference for Oscar Peterson.

As the mandala moves north on Yonge Street, you will see Santa Claus and Rudolph, Massey Hall, St. Michael the Archangel from the hospital, the new Dog Fountain in Berczy Park, the Beatles outside Maple Leaf Gardens, and the Allan Gardens Greenhouse, et cetera.

Stores on the mandala are :

The Cat's Cradle
Boot Master
Albert Britnell's Book Store
House of Lords
and others which I will add in the near future.
Elmer the Safety Elephant is there to state an important safety rule. !!!

You will have a very busy time finding all the spots from the past and present along this route.

You have to see it !!!

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