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Friday, March 23, 2012

The CNE Mandala Miniature Memories

Many sample items were given out at the Ex in miniature form and I , and some people I have spoken with , remember them specifically.  I have composed a list of what I have found thus far.  Do you recall them or any others ?
  • Fry's Cocoa cans
  • Coca Cola bottles in a case
  • Coca Cola bottles
  • hot dogs for eating
  • Tiny Tom Donuts ( yes, once we got a free sample )
  • packages of cereal
I' m sure there were a lot more and I will continue to search for them.
For me, there is something intriguing about seeing and holding a miniature replica.
I believe it is an innate human trait wherein , in order to learn and internalize a concept, we have to actually
hold it as a toy, so to speak.
Board gamers use miniatures.  Throughout art history, one sees miniatures used in charms and toggles, etc. We always see architects, theatre stage designers, jewellers, clothing designers and those in many in other creative fields create a prototype and work with it until the final product is on paper and then eventually completed in life-size reality.
My mandalas are visual miniatures enclosed in a circle, a kind of microscopic overview with abstract and realistic features.
I wonder if the distribution of these miniatures at the Ex had any influence on any child' s future.   Especially a child who never had any toys back then.

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