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Monday, April 16, 2012

CNE Mandala : Details, Details, Details !

I have had to attend to so many little details on this mandala because it is a record of over 100 years of history.  Of course, not all is contained in this little ball of energy.  So I have had to pick and choose carefully and finally have almost completed this piece of work.
There are the greeters at the Princes' Gates, and the usual suspects at the Coliseum and Horse Palace entrance.
Can you guess who these might be at each location ?  I don' t want to spoil the surprise before I present this mandala on April 22, 2012.
And oh, yes, there is an RN from St. Joseph's Hospital/Health Care Centre on duty at the First Aid tent if anyone needs a band aid or other minor medical assistance during his/her trip to the Ex.
Please do not forget where to meet your friends at the centre of the mandala.
You will be reminded where this is by the song written in hearts all around.
What a place, where we can look at everything through rose-colored glasses, just like the lady with the quilted hairdo who surmises the whole scene from atop, right near Marilyn Bell Park !