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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Completed May 16, 2013 !!!! North Toronto/Lawrence Park/Lytton Park/Teddington Park/Bedford Park Mandala Is Now Underway

I have been exploring these areas with a fine tooth comb and my sketch book.
There is so much to discover here, as there is all over our great City of Toronto.
Each neighbourhood is overflowing with memories of the past.  Take a journey
with me as I roam, stroll, breath in and "flaneurize " these miles throughout the area from Eg 'N Ave to Eg 'N Bay and Yonge 'N Eligible  to Yonge 'N York Mills.
A long spread, indeed !
So, I am sure that you can imagine how our forefathers toiled to settle the land.

I will mention many of them as I lay the foundation of this mandala.
Please stand by for its completion on March 15, 2013 when it will be ready for your curious eyes and hopefully intrigue you, my dear Toronto Neighbourhood Dwellers.