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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

" Little by little......

" Little by little the bird builds his nest."

" Petit a petit l' oiseau fait son nid. "

And little by little Toronto grew out of nothing.  A blank page, just like my mandalas.  Buildings were initially made out of wood and a lot of that timber was cut down in Downsview leaving the location with a loss of many, many, many varieties of trees.  This has been noted on " The Downsview Flying Club " Mandala.To this day, Downsview is rather barren in some areas.  The wood was used for fuel, buildings, and shipbuilding. And as time went on, many of the buildings burned down because of those wooden structures.
And so more articulate architectural styles were introduced using brick and stone.  I have included many on this " Olde Toronto New " mandala.  Many classical styles were chosen for their strength as seen in european buldings which architects of the 1800' s saw prior to coming to Canada.  And many are still with us 200 years later.
If you have time, I hope you are able to walk around the Olde Town of York streets ( Front to Queen/Parliament to Yonge ) and you will see the beauty before your own eyes.  Look for the plaques on designated Heritage Buildings.  You will look up and see the richness in the handwork and be amazed that dedicated people have saved these gifts from our heritage. Try to appreciate the effort and hard work that went into their making. 

( Please excuse the missing accent marks on petit, as they are not available on this keyboard. Thank you.
  I shall try to rectify this in the near future. )