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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moving Down to the Lake, East of Yonge Street, West of the Don

So now I'm down at  Lake Ontario  between 1793 and 1899.......

........with so many dreams floating in the air !
Life wasn' t easy but these dreams kindled the new immigrants' hearts and gave them strength which kept them moving forward.
Nothing was impossible, nothing couldn't be accomplished.
Buildings were constructed, both great and small.  They are all treasures of our past here in Toronto and bless the people who helped to keep many of them standing to this day.
All were noteworthy because each man's dream was being fullfilled.  Each man wanted what we all want : to  to be successful, to be filled with confidence and hope, and to make our mark.....
from the brickmaker to the blacksmith to the shoe-shiner.
And so I am laying out the area of Olde York - mandala-style and
it will be a swirling journey through the struggles and achievements of that time.
It will inspire.

I will begin at the very beginning ( well, as far as I know ).
 How far back do you think that goes ?  How many treasures will I uncover ?