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Monday, November 22, 2010

Many have followed their dreams in Toronto.....

From across the archipalego in the Bering Strait they travelled along, following a liveable climate and
available foods.  Being as resourceful and diligent as they possibly could they trekked on as they came closer and closer to Lake Ontario.  They followed the animals and rivers and creeks all through to the shores.
12,000 ago we were covered with a glacier and as it gradually melted ( Was this the first sign of global warming ? ) it left land forms and temperatures which attracted the first human dwellers of southern Ontario.....the fluted point peoples. From as far back as 9,000 years , evidence has been found that people
lived and hunted and sought a better way of life.

My Old Toronto New mandala begins right at that time, follows these people and their ways up until the earliest europeans arrived in the area.  Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer our city was built and the layers are easily on view throughout , if you really look.  In a way everything has changed, but when one examines closely....nothing has changed.
And I will show you how that is in my mandala-in-progress.